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Rating: ★★★★☆When I first got an account to try out Salehoo I was kind of weary as their are a lot of mixed opinions online about A Salehoo scam and what has happened in the past.  I do not know the details of the companies past so I will not judge them on it. I can only write about how I was treated with Salehoo and what I observed.

After I signed up with Salehoo I was immediately given a user name and password and given access to their website. They have an impressive amount of wholesalers but not as many drop shippers as I had hoped to see.  I must say the true value of  Salehoo  comes from the forum .  Their members forum is a gold mind of knowledge and may be of  great use to a person who is brand new to e-commerce.

Their website is top of the line and one of the best I have seen. Although Salehoo only has one real package to sign up for the pricing is right on spot for $65.00. Their was a few negatives that I observed for one the lack of drop shippers .  The site boast 10,000 suppliers but this is nowhere near correct. I also believe their supplier lists should be updated more.

Their seemed to be some decent among the ranks there and a huge posting about ppwdg, a liquidation website started by Salehoo’s former website community manager Jimmy Huber.  It seems he ran off with a lot of cash from different members of the community.  I can tell you that Salehoo’s response was to fire him and he is no longer with their company.

I  still think despite that mishap that for the value it is a worthwhile place.  I can only rate it a B- as it is still shroud in controversy but they are working it out.  You can learn more here at

On a final edit of my Salehoo review I will say this I do believe Salehoo holds a great wealth of knowledge for a beginner and with their new community manager I feel they will be worthy of an A very soon.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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  1. February 21, 2010 at 2:59 am

    Hey there I am truly a newbie and had been looking for national orgainzations of dropshippers when I happened upon your website. I’m hoping to gain as much knowledge as I can because I’m just one little retired woman that needs a little extra cash. I don’t have enough money to be scammed (I think…….) as I have been spending some time every day researching. So far I deal only in silver jewelry and sell on line and at a small portion of a storefront. Over the past 2 years I’d say that I have made money but only in miniscule time comsuming transactions since I have more time than money. I’m hoping to find a reputable drop shipper as I have found myself doing more business than art. This year in my goals journaling I have set time aside every day to get back to my art (this lead to the jewelry business ). So thanks for the great info so far. I’ll be checking back and would leave my remarks but seems you have so much more knowlege than I do so I don’t think I’d be adding anything you did not already know yourself. Also your bloggers seem to be much more sophisticated also. I see you as a “karma”, “pay it forward”, give back what was given to you, service to humanity, etc. type of person and it is always a special treat for me to find this along my yellow brick road. Barb

  2. Kim
    May 19, 2010 at 5:57 am

    It would be really helpful to have these reviews dated so we know how when the review was completed. Was it yesterday? 3 years ago? It would be really helpful.

    Thanks for all you do!

  3. Reviewer
    May 22, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    Hi well the way we set the reviews up they are on pages, the pages do not post dates, but you can easily look around the blog, and tell that it was started in 09 by looking at the Archives section on the right hand side.
    * March 2010
    * July 2009
    * June 2009
    * May 2009

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